Customer Service Charter


Dear Valued Customers,

I am delighted to introduce to you Niger State Water and Sewage Corporation’s Customer Service Charter. The development of this Charter is part of the overall reforms going on at the organization which seek to reposition our water utility serve our customers to their satisfaction.

Specially, this Charter spells out our commitments to our customers, as well as customer’s rights and responsibilities. The content of this document – the Customer Charter – reflects our deep commitment to serve our customers well and efficiently. This document, therefore, is essential and need to be read and understood by all our customers. It is our firm belief that delivering sustainable water supply will be enhanced by the active interest and participation of our customers.

Engr. Hassan Mohammed Chado (MNSE, COREN)



  1. Amina Shafi’I – Board secretary
  2. Mohammed Aminu Yusuf – AGM Engineering Services
  3. Aliyu Danladi Umar – AGM Commercial services
  4. TGT Ibrahim Salihu – AGM Operations
  5. Gimba Yisa – AGM Water Quality Control
  6. Kasali Salawu- Distributions Manager
  7. Aliyu Jibo Garba – Public Relations Manager
  10. Laiatu Danladi – WRAPA
  11. Sa’adia Sulieman – Head, Sanitation
  12. Samuel Yisa Doko – Open Governance Partnership
  13. Zainab Yunusa – Head, Customer care unit







GM                  GENERAL MANAGER














This document which is a commitment and regulatory requirement is a collection of operational procedures guiding the effective provision of services and processes of interaction between the utility which is the service provider and the customer.

It provides information on the basic routine operations of the organization across all departments, units and sections and the expectation from the customer as well as the rights and responsibilities of the customer to the utility.

The document is a partnership charter between the Niger State Water Corporation and its customers. It is expected to be circulated among employees and customers in order for everyone to be guided to a healthy business relationship.



The purpose of this charter is to make it known to our customers and stakeholders of our deliberate intention to deliver our mandate, achieve our vision and mission, maintain and enhance our commitment to continuous improvement of service delivery. This service Charter is also intended to empower our customers to make more informed and specific demands on us at the various levels of service delivery.



Niger state water and sewage corporation (NSWSC) is a precursor to Niger State Water Corporation which was established in 1976 by Edict No. 6, and became operational on 1st April, 1976. The board is a semi-autonomous organization with the General Manager as the Chief Executive. He reports to the Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of water Resources and Dam Development.

The 2019 – water bill shall lead to establishment of “NIGER STATE WATER AND SEWAGE CORPORATION” and “NIGER STATE WATER REGULATORY COMMISION”. When passed into Law shall give legal backing for the Board to be renamed – “NIGER STATE WATER AND SEWAGE CORPORATION (2019).

The General Manager is an astute and qualified professional engineer with excellent experience in water supply engineering and management. The GM has the ultimate responsibility of carrying out policies and decisions of the board (or the Ministry as the case may be) in accordance with the short and medium term strategic policies and the provisions of the enabling edict and subsequent Law (2019) establishing Water Service Provider. He is ably supported by reputable management and retinue of staff and human resources.

The corporation, to be constituted following passing of the water Law shall have a chairman and other members and comply strictly with the provisions thereof. NSWB (NISWASEC) also has a supervisory ministry; the Ministry of Water Resources and Dams Development, headed by a Commissioner appointed by the Governor.



To be a world class water and sewerage utility that delivers efficient and sustainable services in the urban areas of Niger state.


We provide safe water and sewage services for public well-being through effective use of resources.

Our Core Values

  • Accountability,
  • Sustainability,
  • Professionalism,
  • Innovation,
  • Reliability,
  • Efficiency and

Our Tagline

Water for life, waste to wealth

Our Stakeholders

  1. Customers
  2. Niger State Government
  3. Federal Government of Nigeria
  4. Donor Agencies
  5. Civil Society Organizations
  6. Schools
  7. Women Groups
  8. People with Special needs
  9. Employees
  10. Media
  11. Youth Associations
  12. Traditional Rulers
  13. Politicians
  14. Related MDAs
  15. Security Agencies
  16. Faith Base Organization
  17. Business Partners


Our Commitment

We are committed to provide enough water and sewage services to our customers all the time. We shall endeavor to ensure that the water we provide meets all the regulatory standards we adhere to and distribute it equitably. These standards include the Nigerian Standard for Drinking Water Quality (NSDWQ) and World Health Organization (WHO) Drinking Water guideline.

Extension of water and sewage services- It is our duty to serve the population of the areas in which we operate with clean, reliable and safe water services. We shall endeavor to make mains extensions of water services to areas established to have the necessary demand potential.


Production of potable drinking water and also providing sewerage collection, treatment and disposal services in accordance with the required environmental standard.

Water Distribution

In the event we are unable to supply our customers or there is any change in the water distribution schedule, we shall endeavor to promptly notify the customers through appropriate area offices, district offices, radio announcement or personal massages.

Network Maintenance

Whenever we plan for network maintenance at the water treatment plant or distribution network, we shall inform our customers at least 3 days in advance.


We shall endeavor to carry out routine monitoring of our Transmission, Distribution and Service pipe networks to fix identified leakages reported. Within 24 hours, we shall endeavor fix service line leakages. However, within 48 hours, we shall fix Distribution line leakages. Within 7 days, we shall fix transmission mains leakages.

Water Metering

 The water quantity used by the consumer may be determined by water meters or through consumptions. NSWSC shall read all meters every 30days. And where it is not possible a

reasonable estimate will be determined using previous consumption trend of the last three months’ consumption correct reading.

The consumed unit will be indicated on the bill and where reading is estimate the same will be indicated on the bill. Where bills are estimated, the account shall be automatically corrected upon receipt of actual reading in the subsequent month.





We shall maintain a 30days billing cycle for all customer. The water and sewerage billing shall be based on the flat rate approved by government or based on consumption and recorded from the meter. Where a meter is not read, an estimate based on three correct previous reading shall be used.


Bill Distribution

We shall endeavor to distribute water bills to our customer’s premises by the 5th of every month. Every customer shall be obliged to request our office for their bill should they not receive it by the 5th of the month.

Collection of Payments

We shall endeavor to facilitate our customers in the process of paying for our services. We shall strive to make this process as convenient and comfortable to the customer as possible by providing a variety of payment points as economically possible. Such shall include:

  • Over the counter payment in selected banks
  • Electronic funds transfer (M-CASH)
  • Automatic teller machine payment
  • Any innovation in this field will also be utilized

We shall ensure that all payment to customer accounts are updated on the day of receipt


The corporation does not intend to disconnect any water consumer and our customer, but NISWASEC shall do so, if we identify and establish proof of illegal use, and if a customer fails to pay for our services three weeks after confirmed receipt of their bill date and upon customer’s request. Disconnections for none payment shall, follow after attempt at engagement with such customers and proceeded with serving a seven days’ disconnection notice before the disconnection is carried out.


Any customer who has been disconnected for non-payment may be reconnected after fulfilling their payment obligation to NISWASEC, clearing their outstanding balance to zero and upon payment of the standing reconnection fee at the time. Such defaulting customers may negotiate spread payment against an undertaking subject to the discretion of the GM.

Consumers, who are identified and subsequently disconnected due to illegal use shall be legalized, and captured for Billing in the next billing cycle, they shall be required to pay the applicable fees and appropriate penalty and upon successful meeting our terms. Such Consumers may be compelled to face criminal charges. NSWB may at the discretion of the GM allow a negotiation for the payment of these penalty.

Accounts disconnected due on the customer’s request will be successfully reconnected upon the account holder’s request and after paying the reconnection fee. In all the above cases, we shall endeavor to effect the reconnection within 24hours of the customer meeting the requirements.


Debt Recovery Defaulting Customers, Water Theft and Illegal Use

In circumstances where our customers fail to pay for services, we shall endeavor to courteously try all legal ways to recover our dues from them for the period up to 30days and when they fail to meet up, such customer shall be treated as  defaulters of services disconnected and will be liable to be handed over to our debt collectors for possible legal action which will also involve a 10% surcharge on the outstanding bill and possible attachment of property to recover our payment as the law permits.

Water Theft

Please note illegal connection to our network is a criminal offence and the offender will be punished under the penal code.

Sewage Services, Sewage Treatment

We provide sewage collection, treatment and disposal services in accordance with the required environmental standards. To this end, we shall ensure that sewage collection is done in a professional manner from the customers’ households and transported to the Fecal Sludge Management Centre for treatment and disposal. Sewage treatment is carried out professionally to meet the effluent standards across the value chain.

Customers are encouraged to have a standard septic tank for collection and emptying. Conveyance of sewage is done with minimal risk to ingress into water systems or natural water courses. Any sewage reported overflows will be addressed within 48 hours of reporting and necessary evaluation. A customer care toll free line has been availed and can be used by any one reporting any over flows.

Sewage Disposal: The corporation will only dispose of treated effluent that meets regulatory and other stakeholder requirements and in so doing, we shall be ensuring safety of our customers, workers and the integrity of the receiving environment.

Customer Service: The corporation will ensure that all staff are presentable, easily identifiable, informed, knowledgeable and well trained to help in the satisfactory handling of our customer queries. We shall conduct quarterly customer surveys and stakeholder workshops to assess customer needs and ensure continual service improvement.

Customer Complaints: We promise to respond to all complaints put forward by our customers in a timely and satisfactory way. Customers can call a toll-free telephone line………., visit our website, www………. Or visit our customer care desks at any of our offices. Where a customer is not satisfied with the decision taken at the area, they can appeal to the corporations’ commercial division at our head office at Nnamdi Azikiwe Road, Western Bye-pass P.M.B 70, Minna, Niger State.

We shall endeavor to respond to all complaints of commercial nature brought to us within 6 hours and complaints of technical nature within 3 hours of reporting.

Customer Care

Customer care service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The perception of success of interactions is dependent on employees who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest.   

We Shall:

  • Ensure all our customers are received warmly
  • Welcome all our customers with a smile all the time
  • Put the needs of the customer first
  • Treat customers with courtesy, consideration and respect
  • Listen and respond appropriately to all our customer
  • Have qualified and supportive staff to deal with customer complaints
  • Deal with all customer issues with efficiency, fairness and integrity
  • Provide customer with all necessary possible information to solve their complaints
  • To educate customers on steps we will take to address their complaints
  • To educate customers on steps they should take in forwarding their complaints
  • Be Transparent as possible in our dealings with customer
  • Be open to learning about our services from peers and counterparts



A customer is an individual or organization that buys good receives services from NISWASEC through financial transaction and some other valuable consideration.


Rights of the Customer

Water Supply: NISWASEC customers are entitled to water supply if they meet the requirement of a customer as contained in this charter


Interruptions to Water Supply

Interruption to water supply may occur as a result of power outage and maintenance of pipelines. When this happens, we shall give 24-hour notice through the media.


Where our services exist, we commit to connect all applicants who meet our standard requirements. All paid up new connections shall be carried out within three days and in circumstances where we are unable, we shall notify the customer with the reason and name a time when the work will be done.

New Connection Procedure

  • New connection form shall be offered on payment of N2,000.00 charge at any of our customer care offices.
  • Customer desk officers will be made available to guide the customer to fill form
  • There after inspection will be conducted to validate the connection site
  • A registration fee will be paid depending on the type of connection (commercial and domestic)


Customer care contact will be made available for customers to reach us (phone, email, social media) our contacts are:

Phone number:            Airtel: 08083531111

                                    Glo: 08052277877

                                    9mobile: 08175664400






NISWASEC recognizes the alarming situation in the information. Unplanned, settlements of our towns and the low level of basic public service as water and sanitation. In our bid to help in the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. We commit ourselves to increase access to clean and safe piped water by expanding the network infrastructure coverage in these areas.

Deliberately institute lower tariff to the urban poor communities to enable affordability to clean and safe piped water and improving on the hygienic and health conditions of the urban poor communities through sensitization of the urban poor communities.

NISWASEC in its desired to fulfill its mandate to provide water to all, recognizes that there are those among us that cannot afford our services. We therefore do avail the poor in urban areas with water through public standpipes that are in easily accessible location. With the support of various stakeholders, the poor are given access to clean sanitary water at an affordable cost. These are some of our most valued customers and we take pride in delighting them too. We can do this through your support as you pay your bills promptly!!!



The customer will ensure the following:

  • Provide documentary proof of ownership of the property where the service is required
  • Obtain signature of the land lord if the applicant is a tenant or of a trustee if the applicant is a minor
  • Attach a passport size photograph or a stamp on the form in case of individual person and corporate bodies respectively,
  • Obtain written permission from the local authority if the connection will involve excavating a road.
  • Obtain written permission from the owner if the connection pipes are to pass through another person’s property,
  • Pay for bills invoiced promptly
  • Facilitate access to maters for proper readings
  • Raise complaints promptly
  • Update NISWASEC with any change of customer and property details promptly
  • Treat NISWASEC staff with courtesy
  • Avail all the information requested by the corporation for the execution of service
  • Abide with the legal requirements desist from illegal usage of water
  • Avoid collusions and compromises that would lead to defrauding the organization
  • Report to NISWASEC all matters that they deem to have negative impact on service provision and especially any illegal practices observed in the area. Customers are encouraged to bring forth innovative ideas to help the corporation understand and serve their needs in a better way.